Child Custody, Parental Responsibility and Child Visitation

Parental Responsibility, Child Custody and Child Visitation in France

Ms. Harrop is an English-speaking Child Custody attorney with specific experience in handling International Child Custody disputes.  Being that France is a Civil Law country and is also a part of the European Union there are different laws which govern Child Custody and Visitation while the concept of Parental Responsibility which in Common Law countries can be thought of as Legal Custody versus Physical Custody, meaning having the right to decide the primary elements of your child’s life from their education, religion, non-urgent medical treatment and more. 

Other key issues which can be raised are related to accusations of abuse (against the spouse or child); location of the parents (whether they both reside in France or abroad); economic situation; whether an abduction was involved or also the thoughts of the child or children if they are of a mature age.

Navigating the different court processes, the anger and bitterness often found between the parties, and the geographic and linguistic differences, as well as the differences in jurisdiction and law can considerably affect the outcome and therefore the future relationship and situation of the parents and children. 

It is important that you seek the help of an experienced English-speaking French Child Custody attorney so that you and your children are protected.


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