Other Areas of Practice

Other Areas of Practice


Nathalie Harrop also has expertise with these areas of Law:


Criminal Law


There is no need to sugar-coat the trouble you are facing. The criminal justice system is complex and confusing. There are many rules and laws in place to help protect your rights, but that does not mean the prosecutors and judges are required to do you any favours.

If you are under investigation for a criminal offence or have already been charged, you are facing one of the most daunting challenges you are likely to face in your lifetime. You need to call your lawyer.

With her experience handling criminal matters, you will rest assured with the knowledge that you are in capable hands able to defend you, and advise you of your legal rights.

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Real Estate Law

As a resident in France, you are required to comply with French laws and regulations. All too often, people think that they are compliant with all of the rules or simply unaware of them until it is too late and find out the hard way that they ran afoul of the law. This may end up costing untold grief and money to the uninitiated.
Do you have some concerns as a prospective real estate purchaser? A current property owner? A vendor? Or, perhaps, a tenant looking to understand your legal rights?



IOU's and Agreements

It happens to oftern that one trusts a friend or a relative with money.
It is always better to write down an agreement when everything is going well. When things go bad, it is exactly when you need this written agreement to get paid back.
Christelle can assist you by drafting a proper IOU or Agreement in order to secure any loan you might make.

Liability law

In life it can happen, even unintentionally, that you cause prejudices or damage to people, reputations or property.
It is important to know the extent of your responsability, either contractual liability or tort liability.
Nathalie can assist you if your are sued or if you want to file a claim against someone for having caused you, your reputation or your proprety harm.
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