Family Law

English Speaking Family Law Attorney in Nice, France

As an English-speaking French attorney, Ms. Harrop is able to provide full legal services across all Family Law issues from Divorce to Child Custody, Child Support, International Parental Child Abduction and as well recognition, enforcement and modification of foreign and domestic court orders. 

French Family Law, being Civil Law, is considerably different than the Common Law found in most English-speaking countries.  It is important that your French Family layer be familiar with Common Law for many reasons.  One is to effectively inform the client of the differences in both form and procedure while also having the knowledge of how foreign Common Law orders, judgments and agreements are handled in French Courts. 

Jurisdiction is one of the key elements in any case between nations and it can sometimes be a complex issue when there are two competing jurisdictions for two competing people.  It is vital that your attorney be familiar with not only the law of the foreign land (such as Common Law of the USA, UK, Canada, etc.) but also with French law, European Union law and also with International Treaties which can each effect the jurisdiction or outcome of the case at hand.

Many cases could have been won had the right arguments been provided to the courts and the correct jurisdiction been adhered to. 

Ms. Harrop understands the personal, economic and psychological impact that Divorce, Custody and other Family Law battles can have on those involved and she works to make the process as easy, painless and beneficial as possible to her clients.

She can assist with:

  • divorce (by mutual consent or litigation)
  • separation of spouses, domestic partners, PACS partners
  • liquidation of the matrimonial or undivided
  • parental authority issues
  • alimony
  • child custody and visitation
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