Areas of Practice


Family Law

From Child custody disputes to divorce proceedings, she will assist and represent you on all fronts of family law.  Are you currently facing legal problems concerning marriage, divorce , or adoption proceedings? Are you trying to obtain custody of your children or do you fear that you are about to lose custody?
Contact her office to discuss how she can support you no matter the nature of your legal problems.

Real Estate Law

As resident in France, you required to comply with French laws and regulations. All too often, people think that they are compliant with all of the rules or simply unaware of them until it is too late and find out the hard way that they ran afoul af the law. This may end up costing untold grief and money to the uninitiated.
Do you have some concerns as a prospective real estate purchaser? Acurrent property owner? A vendor? Or, prehaps, a tenant looking to understand your legal rights?
Let her assist you and help put your mind at ease by ensuring that you are aware of all your rights and obligations under the law.

Business Law

Do you wish to create or purchase a business? You want to start your own company in France or to open an office of your existing company and you're not sure which business or corporate structure is right for you? Would your situation call for the creation of a SARL, SAS, SNC or some other corporate or legal business entity?
Ms. Hallot can help you to cut through these legal intricacies and help you decide on what makes the most business sense for your specific situation. 

Business Real Estate Law

To conduct your business you will require a physical location and will likely enter into a commercial lease agreement. This will require that you be familiar with the commercial lease statutes and rules? (Note: The Pinel Law recently enforced is much more protective of the commercial tenant than it used to be). She will  guide you with her experience and knowledge of the law making your new business venture less stressful. 

Commercial Labor Law

If you are considering hiring workers for your business venture then you may need to dismiss current employees for a variety of reasons.  French Labour Law is particularly complicated.
She can assist you navigate the intricacies of the law allowing you to devote your precious time to your business.

Criminal Law

There is no need to sugar-coat the trouble you are facing. The criminal justice system is complex and confusing. There are many rules and laws in place to help protect your rights, but that does not mean the prosecutors and judges are required to do you any favours.
If you are under investigation for a criminal offence or have already been charged, you are facing one of the most daunting challenges you are likely to face in your lifetime. You need to call your lawyer.
With her experience handling criminal matters, you can rest assured with knowing that you are in capable hands, well able to defend you, and advise you of your legal rights.
Have questions or want to discuss your legal concerns?
Call:  33 (0)4 93 27 28 03, or email her through the contact form.